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Pencil Drawings Of Nature Of Sceneries Landscapes Of Flowers Of Girls Of People Tumblr Of Roses Of Eyes Of Love

Pencil Drawings Biography

Inside every journey there is a story. The mesas and beautiful blue skies of Northeastern, New Mexico is where Dino's begins.......

Born a 4th generation rancher, his family has spent nearly 150 years on the land that he calls home. In 1865 Dino's great grandfather immigrated from France, and eventually homesteaded the Cornay Ranch as we know it today.

Not remembering which came first, holding a pencil or riding horseback and working cattle with his father Carlos, Dino has always had a fascination with his

surroundings. By junior high he was known to the janitors for his daily drawings that appeared on the desktops. He'll tell you with a smile, "I felt like I'd arrived when they stopped cleaning them off every night." As the story goes.....after graduating high school it was off to college and a new chapter of his life. Four years later with pencil still in hand, and a degree from Kansas State University in animal science, his journey took him home.

Immersing himself into the working life of the family ranch and helping neighbors, is where Dino received some of his best education. "My days in the classroom had their place," he always say's, "but I'm fascinated by my everyday surroundings." His inspiration and attention to detail come from the people, horses, cattle and the land that he loves. Being steeped in ranching tradition and around cowboys his whole life, has allowed him to portray their way of life with real authenticity. Dino's philosphy, "you have to truely know and live the experiences." "Details and accuracy matter." "It's a sign of well deserved respect to tell their story, and it's my job to get it right."

When asked the question, why the pencil?, his reply. "Everyone can relate to the simplicity of a pencil, yet people are amazed when they see what can be done with one." "It's just awesome!"

So for you......sit back, relax and enjoy the journey by this ever so humbled storyteller.
For as long as I can remember I’ve been drawing. I remember clearly my first “work of art”: a fish I coloured in on my first days of school. Since that day nothing would be the same. I’d created something! Perhaps it was only a fish, but it was a fish like no other, whose colours were wild, and numerous and spilled out over it’s lines!

From that day on I’d spend hours of every day drawing everything I could ON everything I could. Walls, old books, my mothers money from her purse. If it was flat and vaguely like paper it was a canvas for my scribblings. I think it was around that time my mother started buying me sketch pads (and making sure they never ran out).

I enjoyed reading comics or more accurately, I enjoyed looking at the pictures. I’d spend hours copying my favourites from them. It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I began to focus on really becoming an artist and I moved from pencil to ink, or more accurately, I began to experiment with ink. Again this was attributed to my appreciation for comic style art and ink seemed a natural progression if I was going to make it into comic illustration. That or I was just moody and liked black. Who knows.

Sebastian Krüger was born in Hamelin, Germany in 1963. Krüger naturally developed left handed, however (as was a common practice) was forced to write with his right hand. Today Krüger writes, draws and paints with his right hand, and throws a ball with his left.
Krüger grew up the son of an architect. His artistic deluge began at age 3, when his father dragged him to numerous Disney movies. Krüger became plagued with drawing Donald Duck. His mind would recall Donald vividly, but the image kept moving around in the young artist's mind, it wouldn't keep still, causing Krüger to waste piles of discarded paper. Krüger's parents wouldn't allow him to purchase a still image of Donald at the comic stand. So he would study and memorize the image, then hurry home to draw it. If he felt unclear about a particular detail, he would revisit the comic stand for further study. Unknowingly, this trained the artist's mind to retain an accurate impression of the subject, to observe and memorize the details. A talent that would later become essential to the artist's work.

Krüger's fanaticism with lines and drawing continued until after high school, when Krüger enrolled in the Braunschweig University of Fine Arts. In his first painting class, he was handed a paint box with little colored squares of watercolor paint and a large paintbrush. These articles made no sense to Krüger (a detail minded artist). In general he found the art classes below his expectations.
To pass the time Krüger drew pencil drawings of the teachers. Not all of them, only those that he felt had interesting features or characteristics. Krüger's caricature drawings had gained enormous popularity among the student body and faculty alike. In hindsight, Krüger found school useful in that he learned valuable color theory.
Gustav Heinemann
Krüger’s first assignment (in the real world) was to paint cover artwork and inlays for video cassette movies. Supplied with a set of brushes and acrylic paints, it was sink or swim. He began teaching himself how to paint out of necessity. Krüger learned that he had to paint in many layers to get the desired effect. Also discovering he needed to use a brush down to one single hair in size to paint the finest details.
Rolling Stone Magazine Layout
Sebastian Krüger proved to be an effective teacher as well as a star pupil. He has since painted the cover artwork for many important magazines such as Stern, Spiegel and Rolling Stone. And additionally completed cover contracts with Capital and L’Espresso Magazines. Krüger has also done feature spreads for Playboy and Penthouse, and has designed and painted several commission works for LP and CD covers.
Early in his career, Krüger met the members of the Rolling Stones. He was invited backstage by the band, who had become familiar with the artist’s work. Krüger was obsessed with the look of the band, and especially with Keith Richard’s face.
Krüger Self Portrait with Keith Richards
Krüger identified with the Stones, both artists considered outsiders, forced to transcend the doctrine of their generation in order to practice their crafts with freedom from established precepts. The Rolling Stones have come to occupy a large place in the artist’s heart and in his artwork. Krüger has become good friends with the band over the years, especially with Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood.
Christopher Walken
Krüger considers himself a portrait painter. His early works, painted with a young and playful mind, although portraits, were ground breaking in portrait, caricature and cartoon genres of art. In 2005, at age 42, Krüger decided to discontinue his beloved caricature-like style to concentrate on his own personal style of realism. Krüger also offers a yearly workshop, where he works with artists and paints a painting, live, start to finish for all to behold.
Krüger’s approach is to study his subjects carefully. He reads their biographies and studies photos and video clips of each person before he paints them to get a strong impression of their characteristics. Then, while painting, Krüger becomes his subject, right down to the clothes they wear. Krüger once said, “I was Keith Richard’s shirt today” while walking out of his studio. Krüger intimately becomes what he paints to the point that he believes all of his paintings are a kind of self portrait. Krüger has a no nonsense approach to his art. When he paints, he uses intense concentration. The artistic energy takes over and its just the Krüger heart and the canvas; the outside world a distant memory as he layers down the foundation for yet another masterpiece.
Many earlier Krüger paintings were completed in one to five days, while some of his recent large-sized paintings have taken as much as six weeks or more to create. Krüger is revered by fellow artists and art aficionados, for his consistent ability to capture the true nature of his subjects, displaying precision detail and a remarkably accurate use of light and shadow. Krüger utilizes ever developing masterful techniques to capture his subject's personal aura.

Sophia Loren
There are currently in the neighborhood of 1000 original Krüger works, 800 paintings and 200 drawings; Encompassing many different styles, with no two alike.

Yevonne Reynolds is a native of Humboldt County, California. She was raised in Blue Lake and currently lives on Lord Ellis summit. It is a wonderful mountain hide-away with a great view of Berry Summit. We are surrounded by trees and hills and there is never a lack of things to draw.

Yevonne is married and has two grown sons. She worked as a bookkeeper/office manager for many years and then decided to start her own graphic design business. Now retired from the graphics business she can work on artwork full time. To learn more about art, Yevonne has taken many workshops and classes over the years. She feels that no matter how long you have been making art, there is always something new to learn.

Artist’s Statement

Drawing from nature is a pleasure that I’ll never get tired of. I think everyone has a creative talent that needs to be developed and should not feel that they can’t do anything artistic. After all, we must decide for ourselves what we want to create and not feel that we are out of step in the art community. There are many, many ways to create art and diversity in art is the most wonderful part of all. I create my drawings for the enjoyment and pleasure it brings me and I hope that others will enjoy my paintings as well.

I am currently working in colored pencil, in a realistic manner, using Prismacolor Premier Lightfast colored pencils guaranteed not to fade for 80 years. I prefer drawing landscapes of the north coast and other areas of the northwest. Sometimes I will draw florals as a break from landscapes, but not too often. I also like to do close-ups of things scattered on the ground.

Artist's History

Studied fine art and design at California State University Humboldt, Arcata, California and fine art, illustration and graphic design at College of the Redwoods, Eureka, California.

National Juried Shows
• 2002 North Valley Art League, 18th Annual National Juried Art Show, Redding, California, Hill Oaks and Autumn Reflections, colored pencil paintings.
• 2000 North Valley Art League, 16th Annual National Juried Art Show, Redding, California, Up the Creek, and Eastfork, colored pencil paintings.
• Art Wyoming 1989, Casper, Wyoming, July 1989 two abstract watercolors.

Juried Shows
• Humboldt Arts Council, Eureka, CA juried member show, Dec. 4, 2010-Jan 9, 2011, Fog in the Valley, Colored Pencil Artwork.
• Redwood Art Association Spring Show, March 27-May 5, 2008: Round Rock Colored Pencil Artwork.
• Humboldt Arts Council, Eureka CA, Dec. 18, 2007-Jan. 20, 2008, Winter Morning, Colored Pencil Artwork • San Leandro Art Association’s 42nd Annual Festival of Fine Art August 2000, San Leandro, CA: Mendocino Coastline and North of Prairie Creek, colored pencil
• San Leandro Art Association’s 41st Annual Festival of Fine Art August 1999, San Leandro, CA:Up the Creek, colored pencil
• Southwest Color 1998, San Diego, CA: Up the Creek and Eastfork, colored pencil
Redwood Art Association Spring Show May 1998, Eureka, CA: Up the Creek, colored pencil
• Southwest Color 1997, San Diego, CA: Little Girl, colored pencil painting.
Humboldt Arts Council 1994, Eureka, CA: A Little Red, A Little Yellow, colored pencil painting.
• Oakland Museum, Natural Sciences Department Show, California Species: Biological Art & Illustration, April 1989: Odocoileus Hemionus (Black-tailed deer), colored pencil painting

• Honorable Mention for Round Rock, Colored Pencil Artwork, Redwood Art Association Spring Show, March-May 2008.
• Representational Art League award: Redwood Art Association 49th Fall Exhibition, Winter Morning a colored pencil painting, November/December 2007.
• Honorable Mention: San Leandro Art Association’s 42nd Annual Festival of Fine Art, Mendocino Coastline, a colored pencil painting, August 1999.
• Second Place: San Leandro Art Association’s 41st Annual Festival of Fine Art, Up the Creek, a colored pencil painting, Aug. 1999.
• Third Place: Humboldt County Fair, professional division, Three Ladies, a watercolor painting, August 1992.
• Award of Merit: Humboldt County Fair, professional division, for Early Morning, a watercolor painting, August 1992.
• Honorable Mention: The Light House Art Center Christmas Show, Crescent City, CA for Nap Time (Roosevelt elk) a colored pencil painting, Dec., 1991.
• Purchase award: The City of Eureka at the 6th Annual Watercolor and Drawing Survey for Rhododendrons, a graphite pencil drawing, March 1986.
• First place award: Redwood Art Association’s drawing show for Iris, a graphite pencil drawing, February 1986.
• First place award: Humboldt County Fair, professional division, Country Spring, a graphite pencil drawing, August 1985.

• Humboldt County, California 2000 Travel Planner: Published by Eureka/Humboldt County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Nap Time & Up the Creek, colored pencil paintings
• Women Entrepreneurs Directory, 1996-1998: The Cliff, Part I, a watercolor painting used on the cover; The Cliff, Part II, a watercolor painting used on some of the inside pages.
• The Best of Colored Pencil II, 1994: Rockport Publishers, Inc., Rockport, MA. A LittleRed, A Little Yellow, colored pencil.
• Sentient Times Magazine: Published by Sentient Press, Ashland, Oregon. Cover art accepted for the following issues.
October/November 2006, Early Morning, colored pencil painting
August/September 2003, Butterfly Mandala, colored pencil painting
October/November 2000, Eastfork, colored pencil painting
April/May 2000, Cherry Blossoms, digital photograph.
February/March 2000, Nearly White Iris, colored pencil painting
November 1994, Corn, Walnuts and Beans, colored pencil painting
March 1994, Jim’s Boot Bouquet, graphite pencil drawing

Diane Christian, Willow Creek, CA: watercolor paintings (2)
Robert Titlow, San Carlos, CA: watercolor paintings, abstract florals (2)
David and April Manifold, Willow Creek, CA: watercolor painting
City of Eureka, Eureka, CA: graphite pencil drawing
Six Rivers Medical Clinic, Willow Creek, CA: colored pencil painting
Jean Schefler, Eureka, CA: colored pencil painting
Roger and Stacie Rounds, Redding, CA: colored pencil painting and abstract watercolor paintings (2)
Sherry Christie, Blue Lake, colored pencil painting
Linda Pruett, Weaverville, CA abstract watercolor painting
Karen Elfers, Arcata, abstract watercolors (2)

Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA) 3 colored pencil workshops attended 2010
Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA) 2-day Workshop 2005
Colored pencil, Sharon Tietjen-Pratt, CPSA, 2004
CPSA Convention 1-day Workshop
Colored pencil painting, Sharon Tietjen-Pratt, CPSA, 2003
CPSA Convention 1-day Workshop
Colored pencil painting, Sue Brooks, CPSA, 2003
CPSA Convention 1-day Workshop
Colored pencil painting, Ann James Massey, CPSA, 2001
North Tahoe Art Center:
Watercolor painting, Barbara Nechis, 1997
Light House Art Center:
Abstract watercolor painting, Morten Solberg, 1992
Abstract watercolor painting, Maxine Masterfield, 1990
Abstract watercolor painting, Suzanne St. John, 1989
Watercolor portraiture, Jan Kunz, 1989
Colored pencil drawing, Richard Quigley, 1988
Mendocino Art Center: Watercolor painting, Kirsten Otwell, 1986

 Pencil Drawings Of  Nature Of  Sceneries Landscapes Of  Flowers Of  Girls Of  People Tumblr Of Roses Of  Eyes Of  Love  
 Pencil Drawings Of  Nature Of  Sceneries Landscapes Of  Flowers Of  Girls Of  People Tumblr Of Roses Of  Eyes Of  Love  
 Pencil Drawings Of  Nature Of  Sceneries Landscapes Of  Flowers Of  Girls Of  People Tumblr Of Roses Of  Eyes Of  Love  
 Pencil Drawings Of  Nature Of  Sceneries Landscapes Of  Flowers Of  Girls Of  People Tumblr Of Roses Of  Eyes Of  Love  
 Pencil Drawings Of  Nature Of  Sceneries Landscapes Of  Flowers Of  Girls Of  People Tumblr Of Roses Of  Eyes Of  Love  
 Pencil Drawings Of  Nature Of  Sceneries Landscapes Of  Flowers Of  Girls Of  People Tumblr Of Roses Of  Eyes Of  Love  
 Pencil Drawings Of  Nature Of  Sceneries Landscapes Of  Flowers Of  Girls Of  People Tumblr Of Roses Of  Eyes Of  Love  
 Pencil Drawings Of  Nature Of  Sceneries Landscapes Of  Flowers Of  Girls Of  People Tumblr Of Roses Of  Eyes Of  Love  
 Pencil Drawings Of  Nature Of  Sceneries Landscapes Of  Flowers Of  Girls Of  People Tumblr Of Roses Of  Eyes Of  Love  
 Pencil Drawings Of  Nature Of  Sceneries Landscapes Of  Flowers Of  Girls Of  People Tumblr Of Roses Of  Eyes Of  Love  
 Pencil Drawings Of  Nature Of  Sceneries Landscapes Of  Flowers Of  Girls Of  People Tumblr Of Roses Of  Eyes Of  Love  
 Pencil Drawings Of  Nature Of  Sceneries Landscapes Of  Flowers Of  Girls Of  People Tumblr Of Roses Of  Eyes Of  Love  
 Pencil Drawings Of  Nature Of  Sceneries Landscapes Of  Flowers Of  Girls Of  People Tumblr Of Roses Of  Eyes Of  Love  
 Pencil Drawings Of  Nature Of  Sceneries Landscapes Of  Flowers Of  Girls Of  People Tumblr Of Roses Of  Eyes Of  Love  
 Pencil Drawings Of  Nature Of  Sceneries Landscapes Of  Flowers Of  Girls Of  People Tumblr Of Roses Of  Eyes Of  Love  
 Pencil Drawings Of  Nature Of  Sceneries Landscapes Of  Flowers Of  Girls Of  People Tumblr Of Roses Of  Eyes Of  Love  
 Pencil Drawings Of  Nature Of  Sceneries Landscapes Of  Flowers Of  Girls Of  People Tumblr Of Roses Of  Eyes Of  Love  

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